A Cup A Day

Decisions, decisions..... PC: Nycire Vaughn

It began while visiting Grandma’s house. Each morning we would sit in her big window outlooking the street. There we would slowly sip our heavily creamed and sugared coffee. 

    That was back in 2010. Now a cup of coffee a day is a habit I’ve had no reason to break. Honestly, it’s a treasured part of my day. I awaken to a quiet house with only the birds making their morning music. Then there’s me and my coffee. The scent of it heavy in the air and a book in my hand. There is no better way to start my day. 

    With the change from spring to summer keeping up my antioxidants and nutrients are key to survival. That being said, I decided to do a little experiment and take a hiatus from my morning cup of “joe”. In its place would be a cool glass of orange juice. 

    We’ve all been told by our mommas that when we get that light cough or sniffle we need to drink orange juice. This is because orange juice is high in nutrients. Such as Vitamin C. It holds antioxidants, improves heart health, and even decreases inflammation. As I went on with this personal challenge I saw evidence of what we’ve all been told. 

    The first day was harder than anticipated. I made a morning omelet and toast. Then, instead of taking the next step to my coffee maker I turned to my fridge and opened the door. Poured a cup of orange juice and continued with my morning routine. 

    Right off the bat, I felt for lack of a better term, fresh. Coffee usually gives me a cozy morning warmth. Orange juice was the opposite of this; it provided a fresh and cool glow. Though this is true about an hour later I started to have a headache. The cause of that discomfort was caffeine withdrawal. Seems I was more dependent on coffee than I realized. 

    As I went on with my week the headaches subsided. As did a particularly sore throat I had been fighting the past few days. No doubt thanks to the antioxidants introduced to my mornings. 

    By the end of the fifth night, I even noticed clearer skin. This says a lot because I am a person with pretty clear skin. I hardly ever break out or acquire blemishes. To see my skin glow further and even for fine bumps to dampen was exciting, to say the least. I don’t want to get too graphic with you but I also noticed fewer heavy bowel movements in my morning. Which made my shifts at work a little easier to get through. Although, “pooping on company time” was always a highlight of my work period. 

    All in all, I noticed my mind was clearer and my body felt lighter. Though this is true, I don’t see myself replacing my daily cup of coffee. This experience showed me how emotionally attached I was to the ritual.  It took me back to the peace, safety, and warmth of Grandma’s house. That plus I’m officially categorizing myself as a coffee addict.  Nonetheless, I challenge you to challenge yourself. If only for a week, set your caffeine-infused coffees and lattes aside. Try adding something a little fresher to your life, with just a cup of orange juice a day. 

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