By Young Black Women, for Young Black Women

Constantly waiting for revolutionary Black voices, especially Black women, in every platform is a struggle known too well. The power we hold is within us, within our souls, within our Blackness, within our voices. Noirella shines because of our Black women, women of all backgrounds. We shine because our voices are unique, and heard by our Black women. Black women who care, and share an experience known to us. Our platform is one for radical Black women, Black culture, and Black Youth. A platform that caters to the people that create mainstream while drowning in the streams.”

– Deika Ahmed
Jasmine Said (she/her)
Co-Founder + Creative Director
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Jasmine Said is a creative director, photographer, and aspiring architect. She has a passion for all things related to art and design. When she isn’t working on school or Noirella you can find her watching a film, making tea, or reading a book.
Suhair Eleye (she/her)
Co-Founder + Social Media Lead
Suhair Eleye is our social media lead. She is very passionate about showing the beauty of black women and she enjoys the arts and music. Fun Fact: She’s a Cancer!

Deika Ahmed (she/her)
Co-Founder + Podcast Host
Deika is a Marketing and Communication major at The Ohio University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, fashion, and listening to crime podcasts.
Soler Bean (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Editor
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Jokingly referring to herself as a “professional alphabet reorganizer,” Solér Bean has been a professional writer for four years, a copywriter for two years, and an English tutor for one year. Solér has been writing about mental health, relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, racial justice, and politics for seven years, starting on a personal blog then moving to published articles. She uses her writing abilities to make convoluted topics accessible and easily digestible to the general public, believing that writing is a necessary tool and creative medium to connect people of different backgrounds and even through different time periods. Solér is currently earning a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in professional writing then moving on to a Master’s degree in the same field. She obtained her A.A. in English in December of 2020.
Autumn Janelle (she/her)
Personal Essay + Poetry Editor
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Autumn is a writer, poet, and tarot reader. She’s a creative soul looking to uplift other unique voices, which is why being a editor gives her a feeling of purpose. Autumn is interested in spirituality/astrology (she’s a pisces sun + moon with a scorpio rising), music, the arts, and of course, creative writing. She has had work published in Disquiet Arts and 805 Lit + Art, to name a few. If your interested in her tarot business and services, connect with her on Instagram or email.

Roshae Hemmings (she/her)
Arts + Culture Editor
Roshae is a senior at the University of Missouri — Columbia from St. Louis studying journalism, with an emphasis in arts and culture magazine writing.  Roshae has always had an interest in storytelling and aspires to combine her love of social justice topics and pop culture to tell the stories of activists and marginalized creatives when she graduates. Aside from writing, she loves reading, cooking and everything watching reality tv. She is also a lover of music, with some of her favorite artists right now being Giveon, Willow and Hozier. She’s a Scorpio sun, Aries moon and Cancer rising. She’s excited to work with the Noirella team and see the stories that the talented writers will tell!
Khadirah Muhammad (she/her)
History + Education Editor
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Khadirah Muhammad is a 20 year old from College Park, GA. As a Junior Pre-law Political Science major with a Spanish minor at Georgia State University; she has a passion for community development and civic activism. She is the Director of Programs and Outreach for the non profit The More than Numbers Youth Program, Inc. She is also a summer intern for the office of Overseas Operations for the Carter Center. An appreciation for her culture and history has always been an important aspect of her life, and that’s especially credited to her Baba Kwame Ture. She enjoys reading Black Radical literature, listening to music, and being out in the summer weather with my friends. Khadirah is a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, and Libra rising.
Makahla Jackson (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Editor
Makahla is a young twenty-something that enjoys watching YouTube, eating gluten free Oreos, and reading! She hopes to someday produce a book of poetry.
Sloan Glover (she/her)
Arts + Culture Editor
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Sloan is interested in painting and writing, spending a lot of her time writing creatively. She loves all different types of music but mainly listens to soundtracks, folk, rap, and metal. Her favorite artist is Gregory Alan Isakov, and her favorite song of his is Words. She’s working to be into the film industry as a director and screenwriter, some of her favorite movies are Requiem for a Dream, Avatar, and Return of the King. She adores reading, mainly fantasy books like A Song of Fire and Ice, and her favorite book is Wildwood Dancing.
Taleea Tomlinson (she/they/theirs)
History + Education Editor
Taleea is a archaeology student with an interest in slavery and the African diaspora. She is a Capricorn with a love for ecology and the outdoors. Her favorite artist are Solange and Jpegmafia.
Kayla Jacobs (she/her) Personal Essay + Poetry Editor
Kayla is currently the chairman for the young black panther party in Vermont. She presently resides in Detroit Michigan where she spends her summers, but Kayla is enrolled at a university in Vermont. Where she is a member of the swim team, and a valuable leader on campus. She enjoys reading, swimming, debating and quality time with friends. Kayla’s zodiac sign is Leo.
Angel Akurienne (she/her)
Lifestyle Editor
Instagram | Medium
Writer, Actress, and Self Certified Art Hoe (which includes painting, music, crafting, interior design, etc). She rocks for anything Black and strives to combat the erasure of Black women in film and tv. Her current favorite hobby is rewatching and analyzing childhood shows. 
Kassidy Charles (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Writer
Kassidy is a senior at Florida State University. She is studying public relations with a certificate in Public administration and a minor in Art History. She enjoys music, traveling ,painting and learning how to play her piano and violin.
Chelsea Frazilus (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Writer
Frazilus is a high school junior who attends Alamance-Burlington Early College. She is also an intern for the National Montford Point Marine Association, an organization celebrating the first Black United States Marines. Frazilus hopes to attend Howard University to major in journalism and minor in African American Studies. If she does not end up at Howard, she would like to attend a university in New York City, such as Columbia, New York University or Fordham, as she one day hopes to one day work as a journalist in the city.
Chelsie (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Writer
Chelsie is a politics and social justice writer for noirella, but when she isn’t writing, she’s sleeping, shopping, or spending time with her friends. Her passion for proudly embracing and expressing blackness is such a paramount part of her identity, and writing is just one of the ways she’s able to educate, inspire, comfort, and push for change when it comes to all things Black.
For her more personal essays about her experience as a Black woman, you can find her on her blog.
Talia Bartley (she/they)
Arts + Culture Writer
Instagram | Twitter | Sample Writing
Talia is a scorpio and a writer at Noirella. They enjoy all things art including films, television, and books. She hopes to pursue a career in film production and star and create content centered around Black people and create a safe space for Black women especially. The sample writing featured is a review she wrote about a TV show that she won All-Florida in their state competition!
Wynter Cook (she/her)
Lifestyle Writer
Instagram | Twitter
Wynter Cook is from Detroit, Michigan, and a sophomore at Howard University. She is passionate about all aspects of performance art as well as
written word. By the end of this year she will be creating a personal website to showcase her writings which mostly comprise of personal rant-styled pieces and even researched topics encircling the black community. Her favorite genre of music is neo-soul and pop. Yet she loves all styles including rap, hip hop, RnB, even occasional rock music.
Tamara Morgan (she/her)
Politics + Social Justice Writer
Tamara Morgan is an actress, activist, executive producer, author & ceo/founder of a nonprofit organization called @Women4Change, and podcast host of the show Protect the Piece. She enjoys writing, listening to music, crossword puzzles & binge watching Jane The Virgin, Sister Sister, and The Last OG.
Isha Barry (she/her)
Personal Essay Writer + Graphic Designer
Instagram | Twitter | TikTok
 Isha Barry, is 16 years old and a Gemini. She was born in London, England but have been moving back and forth from there and the states for as long as she can remember. She loves art, music, and writing as she feels like those are the best ways to project self expression. She loves admiring and learning about her ancestry and African (specifically Sierra Leonean and Guinean) culture. She is also a descendant of the Fulani tribe. She is a vegetarian and a bit of an introvert although she does love making new friends.
Lakiyah (she/her)
Social Media Manager
Lakiyah is 16 years old, born and raised in NC. She likes to sing and cook in her free time. She is currently a junior in high school and plans to attend Howard University to major in pediatrics.
Journei Green (she/her/hers)
Social Media Manager
Journei green is a all around creative. She spends much of her time reading, writing  and painting. She thrives the most when she is learning something new.
Semira Clay (she/her)
She is an incoming freshman in college majoring in Nursing. Her favorite hobbies are editing, photography and traveling.
Ja’Mecia Rosier (she/her)
Graphic Designer
Instagram | Portfolio
Ja’Mecia is a 21-year-old artist and designer currently residing in Orlando. FL. She currently attends the University of Central Florida and is pursuing a BFA in Emerging Media-Graphic Design with a minor in Magazine Journalism. Her passions are art, fashion, and history. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, reading and listening to a variety of genres of music.
Cecilia Parker(she/her)
Graphic Designer
Cecilia Parker is a 19 year old college sophomore from Dallas, Texas. She attends Trinity University in San Antonio where she is planning to major in psychology. She enjoys music (of almost all genres), old movies, and crime dramas.
LUV (they/them)
Graphic Designer
Instagram | Portfolio
LUV is a taurus sun, cancer moon and sag rising, they are really into spirituality and do tarot readings. Their favourite things are fashion, art and shopping, their favourite colours are pink and chartreuse, and they don’t particularly have a favourite food but chocolate chip eggo waffles hit.

“Part of being a revolutionary is creating a vision that is more humane. That is more fun too. That is more loving. It’s really working to create something beautiful.” – Assata Shakur