The Black Met Gala

Cardi B from Vanity Fair

✨ Everything that Black people wore at the 2021 Met Gala. ✨

Black Girls Are on the Verge of Being Extinct in TV

Illustration by Jamilla Okubo

It seems as if Black girls no longer exist the way Hollywood fails to give us spaces. It seems as if they are going out of their way to make sure we aren’t represented. Why does Netflix’s entire teen drama catalog consist of the same blueprint: white leads, a dark skin Black boy, and then… Continue reading Black Girls Are on the Verge of Being Extinct in TV

The Ballad of a Black Girl & Her Friends

Photo by Baylee Gramling on Unsplash

A black girl with black friends in the suburbs Have you ever heard a tale so sweet? What divine hand of fate permitted it so That these black girls could all meet? —t’was as rare as a comet passing She met a black girl who was idealistic yet grounded And one who liked to keep… Continue reading The Ballad of a Black Girl & Her Friends

Recurring Devastation

The Parallels Between Katrina and Ida Kassidy Charles *At the bottom of this article are links to learn more about the hurricane’s aftermath and how to help individually or with organizations to provide relief and aid.* On August 29th, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to the very day, Hurricane Ida landed in Louisiana beginning its… Continue reading Recurring Devastation

Restoring the Mental Health of the Black family.

I love learning who people were before their entrance into adulthood, hearing the stories that tether them to their childhoods, and introduce you into their world. I often wonder how our worlds may differ. About two years ago, I asked my grandmother about her parents and their relationship with her siblings. What she told me… Continue reading Restoring the Mental Health of the Black family.

A Cup A Day

Decisions, decisions..... PC: Nycire Vaughn

It began while visiting Grandma’s house. Each morning we would sit in her big window outlooking the street. There we would slowly sip our heavily creamed and sugared coffee.      That was back in 2010. Now a cup of coffee a day is a habit I’ve had no reason to break. Honestly, it’s a treasured… Continue reading A Cup A Day

not us being the blueprint | WBWAST

TW: mental health disorders, body dysmorphia, racial trauma Welcome to the first addition (of many) of “Why Black Women Are So Tired”! It’s great to have you, friend. Before we start, how are you? Are you okay? How’s your heart? The topics we’ll get into are ~infuriating~, so I hope you’re in the right mental… Continue reading not us being the blueprint | WBWAST

The New Age of Rock and Metal

Scott Laven from the

Black people are expected to stick to certain boxes when it comes to music: either R&B or rap and hip-hop. Other genres such as pop, alternative, and rock are seen as foreign. Black people who preferred rock or metal music instead of what was mainstream were, and still are seen as unusual and are bullied… Continue reading The New Age of Rock and Metal