Is The Soft Life a Hard No?

Tik Tok has slowly become an app of repetition. Sometimes, as I scroll, I see people going viral for the same exact ideas and trends, whether that be fashion trends or majorette style dancing. Lately, the most common trend I’ve seen has been the “soft girl” lifestyle. This derives from the “Black women in luxury”… Continue reading Is The Soft Life a Hard No?

A Cup A Day

Decisions, decisions..... PC: Nycire Vaughn

It began while visiting Grandma’s house. Each morning we would sit in her big window outlooking the street. There we would slowly sip our heavily creamed and sugared coffee.      That was back in 2010. Now a cup of coffee a day is a habit I’ve had no reason to break. Honestly, it’s a treasured… Continue reading A Cup A Day

not us being the blueprint | WBWAST

TW: mental health disorders, body dysmorphia, racial trauma Welcome to the first addition (of many) of “Why Black Women Are So Tired”! It’s great to have you, friend. Before we start, how are you? Are you okay? How’s your heart? The topics we’ll get into are ~infuriating~, so I hope you’re in the right mental… Continue reading not us being the blueprint | WBWAST